Dagalo vehicles’ boon for Gezira Scheme, Sudan’s agricultural sector

The Gezira Scheme is one of the largest irrigation projects in Sudan bringing hard currency to the country. It employs a vast number of farmers from all throughout Sudan. This is why the scheme deserves the utmost attention of the Sudanese government. Unfortunately, however, the scheme was neglected for many years, forcing farmers to turn to other jobs to secure their families’ ... Read More

RSF celebrates International Women’s Day: ‘Behind every great man is a woman’

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) honors the important role women play in Sudanese society, and their outstanding work to advance local communities, the arts and the sciences. On March 8, the RSF celebrated International Women’s Day across Sudan, honoring female activists and entrepreneurs and their contribution to education, health, journalism and Islam. Events were held nationwide, ... Read More

Peace Celebration Marks New Era and Bright Future

The Sudanese people will harvest the first fruits of the change today through receiving the leaders of the armed struggle movements following a long marathon of peace talks during which the government delegation led by 1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Himidti) exerted all possible efforts to bring an end to war chapter and enter into sustainable ... Read More

RSF Contributions in Supporting Education in the States

Rapid Support Forces (RSF) managed to contribute in supporting education in Sudan States through its significant role in the civilian work besides its essential roel in preserving peace, stability and securing the borders. The RSF education support was launched in North Darfur by dispatching  a convoy that included 1750 desks for the students besides 50  units of seating to the ... Read More

RSF begin Securing Agricultural Season Success of Agricultural Season in Darfur An indicator to increase Production

Darfur states are the most rich in natural resources in Sudan .  This is enabled   Darfur  to topped States producing livestock Sudan, and the second in  Africa , beside the agricultural resources. These vital resources had affected by many threats represented into insecurities armed conflicts, and the fear of farmers and nomads of failure of the agriculture in Darfur ... Read More