Desert Shield Battalion .. New Victory in the Fight against Cross-birder Crimes

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) remained dedicated to its tasks in a professional manner, especially in the fight against cross-border crimes.
In this regard the RSF faced risks especially those working in the bordering areas in the desert.
Two days ago the Desert Shield troops of the RSF  -managed to arrest an armed gang which practice criminal actions on the bordering area between Sudan and Libya.
The command of the Chevrolet Military Base  received an information that there are armed gangs working in human trafficking, weapons trade, drugs and illegal goods.
A battalion we dispatched led by Lt. Col. Bakheet Al-Sayer where they prepared a strict ambush on the track of the gang a matter that resulted to the arrest the gang without any loses in properties or lives.
The RSF are very active on the fight against transcontinental  organized crimes incuding the illegal migration, human trafficking, drugs and weapons. 

Rescuing Dozens of Souls:
The tasks of the RSF could never be conducted by other regular forces in such complicated conditions and fierce nature along the deerts on the bordering zones.
In an operation which was described as  humanitarian the RSF managed, in the recent few months, to recue the lives of 9 Sudanese families coming from Libya accompanied by 11 kids as the RSF managed to evacuatethem to Chevrolet Military Base after they lost their track in the desert besides their missing any contact with their families in Sudan. The RSF also managed to rescue a Sudanese citizen with his son who were lost in the desert for 5 days after their vehicle was stuck. They were also transported the the Chevrolet Military Base where they got the necessary medical care.
The RSF are working very hard in curbing the smuggling of weapons from the neighboring countries especially Libya and as an example for that the RSF managed to arrest 4 weapons’ smugglers on the bordering triangle between Sudan and Libya.
According to security and military expert, Brig. Yassir Ahmed Al-Khazeen the RSf deserve appreciation for its tireless efforts to rescue the lives of dozens of people on the bordering, affirming that it is only the RSF which can do such missions in such fierce nature in thevast desert, calling on the international community to provide all possible support to those forces to enable it conduct its mission in a professional manner.