Dagalo vehicles’ boon for Gezira Scheme, Sudan’s agricultural sector

The Gezira Scheme is one of the largest irrigation projects in Sudan bringing hard currency to the country. It employs a vast number of farmers from all throughout Sudan.

This is why the scheme deserves the utmost attention of the Sudanese government.

Unfortunately, however, the scheme was neglected for many years, forcing farmers to turn to other jobs to secure their families’ livelihood.

Once-time participants told the media time and again heartbreaking stories about having to walk away from Gezira.

Farmers were forced to abandon their fathers’ lifelong work, as the government failed to help them with the watering process and interfered in their activities.

However, the scheme has recently began to flourish once again thanks to Sudan’s Economic Committee.

According to media, farmers are enthused that the committee is focusing on securing stable wheat prices, and other procedures and reforms to ease doing business.

Additionally, a fleet of vehicles was recently donated to Gezira upon the initiative of Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, who heads the Economic Committee.

The first batch of 10 vehicles has already been delivered and will help farmers better manage their agricultural activities and associated businesses.

The vehicle donation helps encourage agricultural production across Sudan and also sends a reassuring message to farmers that the government is committed to supporting them.