RSF celebrates International Women’s Day: ‘Behind every great man is a woman’

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) honors the important role women play in Sudanese society, and their outstanding work to advance local communities, the arts and the sciences.

On March 8, the RSF celebrated International Women’s Day across Sudan, honoring female activists and entrepreneurs and their contribution to education, health, journalism and Islam. Events were held nationwide, including in the Red Sea and South Kordofan states.

RSF Media Department Chairman Idris Ibrahim Moddalal expressed his deepest appreciation for the role of women in Sudan, referring to them as the cornerstone of family and society.

He added that women must be celebrated and honored to ensure that gender equality is achieved, noting that gender parity is a lynchpin for securing Sudan’s sustainable future.

Meanwhile, RSF Media Director for Sudan’s Eastern Sectors Nazar Al-Fadil stated that the RSF is committed to actively supporting women’s programs by partnering with civil society organizations focused on women’s rights. The RSF’s work is conducted mainly in rural areas, and addresses education and health to ensure security and stability in local communities.

“Women are a major pillar and key component of life in every country around the world,” Al-Fadil said. He added that Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, RSF General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo is an ardent supporter of progressing the role of women in Sudanese society.

RSF celebratory events also took place in Al-Obeid at Korfodan University’s Peace and Development Center (PDC).

Participants included Professor Abd Allah Mohammed Abd Allah, the university rector, faculty deans, the heads of civil society organizations and women’s associations, and female entrepreneurs.

The events included exhibitions, cultural programs and academic papers focused on women and their important role in Sudanese life, as well as their rights and duties in society.

PDC Director, Dr. Montasir Hamed Balla congratulated all women everywhere on International Women’s Day and lauded the partnership between the PDC and the RSF.

“The RSF played an essential role in getting this event launched,” Balla said.

Meanwhile, Chair of the Gender Department, Dr. Amal Khalil Yousif praised the role of women in society and underscored their right and ability to make their own independent decisions. She added that the RSF is key to maintaining peace, development and social responsibility in Sudan.