Peace Celebration Marks New Era and Bright Future

The Sudanese people will harvest the first fruits of the change today through receiving the leaders of the armed struggle movements following a long marathon of peace talks during which the government delegation led by 1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Himidti) exerted all possible efforts to bring an end to war chapter and enter into sustainable peace and development era.
The government announced today an official holiday to allow people receive the leaders of the armed struggle movements.  Khartoum citizens are expected to go on mass rallies to receive those leaders and to celebrate the long awaited peace.

Mass rally
The organizing committee has completed its preparations to make the ceremony a success through sterilizing the Freedom Square and arranging for distributing face masks to the attendees as a precaution for COVID-19 pandemic.

Anticipation Rounds
The advance mission of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (RSF) arrived in Khartoum and toured the states to promote the peace process and to aware the people . Those visits touched the aspirations of the people who massed up to listen to the RSF leaders who affirmed that there will be not return to war, lauding the efforts of the leader of the government delegation to the negotiations, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo labeling his as (Peace Maker).
Historic Achievement:
The signature of the peace agreement  is considered a historic achievement and a credit to the transitional government and its delegation in particular as it succeeded in what the former regime failed to do for decades.
With the signature of the peace agreement an era or armed conflicts which started in 2003 in Darfur and in 2011 in the two areas (Blue Nile and South Darfur)came to an end.

Unprecedented Agreement:
The agreement has put an end to the armed confrontations and addressed the issues of the stakeholders all over the country as it talked the issues of power-share, wealth-share and security arrangements to ensure just distribution of power and wealth considering that the leaders of the armed struggle movements will be partners in the transitional rule for the upcoming 39 months.

Peace Code:
No doubt that the great role played by the leader of the government delegation to the peace talks, 1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo has its significant print in striking the peace pact due to his dynamic moves and the confidence vested on him by the armed movements.
Himidti managed by his worldly wisdom to succeed on what other failed to do, a matter that  makes the armed struggle movements leaders called him (the Peace Maker), while other calls for granting Himidti Nobel Peace Prize.

National Leader
Himidti led shuttle movements to several countries to acquire the support of those countries to the peace process besides his leading marathon meetings with the armed struggle movements. He entered into challenges and obstacles, but his strong will defeated and removed all burdens in order to achieve his goal which is peace.
Himidti proved that he is a real national leader when he announced his readiness to resign from his position in the Sovereign Council to the leader of the SPLM-N (Abdul Aziz Al-Hilu) or else for the sake of achieving peace. This announcement contributed to a great extent to the progress of the peace talks as it proved that he is not power-hungry as some might think.
It is worth noting that Daglo, and before striking the peace pact, managed to bring an end to the civil war in South Sudan and succeed to make South Sudan rival reconcile a matter that acquired the admiration of the people of South Sudan.