RSF begin Securing Agricultural Season Success of Agricultural Season in Darfur An indicator to increase Production

Darfur states are the most rich in natural resources in Sudan .  This is enabled   Darfur  to topped States producing livestock Sudan, and the second in  Africa , beside the agricultural resources. These vital resources had affected by many threats represented into insecurities armed conflicts, and the fear of farmers and nomads of failure of the agriculture in Darfur states   
The signing of the final peace agreement in Juba South Sudan on 3rd October between the transitional government and the armed struggle movements is considered a step towards stability of the areas that sufferer greatly from the civil wars that destroyed the infrastructure  , insecurities that led to the displaced of thousands of citizens in Darfur , South Kordufan  and the Blue Nile and the East areas , and  refugees .
This peace realize stability in the armed conflicted areas and contribute in the return of thousands of displaced and refugees from the neighboring countries.
Hemditi directs to secure the agricultural season 
In 2019, the First Vice president of the Sovereign Council , Rapid Support Forces  Commander in chief 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed  Hamdan Daglo directed to secure and protect  the agricultural season in Darfur states that are looking for comprehensive peace stability and sustainable development , and safe life .
Rapid Support Forces RSF delivered tens military battalions to secure and protect the agricultural season and harvest in Darfur states .The RSF played major and effective role in securing and preventing clashes between farmers and nomads in the area in the last years which considered a real threat to the agricultural seasons in Darfur states .
Indicator of Success 
The agricultural season 2019 witnessed great success, the farmers pointed to this success explaining the role of RSF and its wide spread in securing the agricultural season.  The RSF secured and protected the agricultural season effectively and successfully and this is reflected in the safe life of the people who suffered from the war and conflicts for 17 years in all Darfur states .In addition to the role of the RSF in supporting the voluntary return of citizens to their origin villages and towns. This was emphasized by Imposing security and stability, and preventing of disputes between the farmers and nomads.
Step in the right direction 
Economic reports pointed out the success of the agricultural season 2019 in Darfur states which contributed clearly in increasing the local product of  the  national  crops . It is expected to play a noticeable role in increasing the   exports   . Economic experts described the securing and protecting the agricultural seasons , and listening to the problems facing the citizens as step in the right direction to upgrade with the natural resources , imposing security and stability and sustainable development . Deepening the concept of social coexistence among the different social components in Darfur is the main support for stability in  Darfur  .
Police reports and statistics and committees of agricultural season pointed to the success of the RSF in securing the agricultural season and imposing security and stability   in   Darfur .
RSF considered   the slogan (Accessibility , Rapidity ,  Resolvedity ) as starting point to achieve all tasks that it responsible from , taking the securing and protecting the agricultural season in Darfur as a good model for those tasks  in reality.
The success of the agricultural season in Darfur states is considered a motivator to the people of Darfur to exert more efforts to develop agriculture to play a major role in supporting Sudan  economy .