Peace Agreement a Step Forward towards Stability

Sudan celebrated on 3rd October 2020 the final signing of peace agreement in Juba, the capital city of South Sudan, between the Government and the armed struggle movements Sudanese Liberation Movement SLM/Mini Arku Minnawi and the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) .This occasion was preceded by a year of negotiations between the two sides. Peace is one the requirements of the stability for Sudan.

Freedom, Peace and Justice these three words were the icon of December revolution which kicked off in all parts of Sudan on 18th December 2018, hence bringing an end to 30 years of the regime of the former Omer al Bashir. The revolution led to change in Sudan. The three years transitional government with its two components the civil side represented into the cabinet and the military component the Sovereign Council .This government from day one had faced many problems and issues related mainly to the livelihood of the people, improving the economy, and realizing Peace.

The Government delegation to peace talks in Juba South Sudan headed by the First Vice President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo exerted great efforts to finalize the peace process which is considered the top priority and one the essential requirements of stability in Sudan.

The Final peace agreement which was signed yesterday 3rd October 2020 in Juba South Sudan, in the presence and support of the world community, Sudan brothers and friends in the world and the neighboring countries. This ceremony took place in Juba that hosted the peace talks for a year between the transitional government of Sudan and the SLM/ the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) ended 17 years of war. It offers power- sharing, integration in security forces, land rights and the return of the displaced from the war zones, the voluntary return of the IDPs and refugees to their origin villages and home.

Political will, transparency of the two sides the government and the SLM /Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) are so important to push forward peace process.  Without peace it is difficult to realize stability, development and good life for citizens.

The signing of peace agreement in Juba on 3rd October 2020 will open the door widely for other armed struggle movements to join the peace process and to realize and implement sustainable development not only in Darfur, Kordofan , the Blue Nile or Eastern Sudan, but for people of Sudan. It is high time for others to get in the peace locomotive to fulfill better life for their people in the IDPs camps in sub-villages and villages in the war affected areas,

The agreement will pave the way for boosting the bilateral relations between Sudan and South Sudan as a model for African solidarity  

The voluntary return of displaced and refugees from the camps and neighboring countries to their home villages and homes one of the challenges facing the peace process .Improving of the destroyed economy is one the requirements of peace.

This peace will open new horizons for political and economic stability to Sudan .The government expressed readiness to receive the armed struggles movements in Khartoum soon after the signing of peace agreement. The signing of peace agreement is an important event and occasion to the Sudanese people to pick of fruits of peace security and stability.

This occasion of signing peace agreement in Juba South Sudan has many significances. We highly valued the role of Juba in hosting the peace talks for a year. Thumbs up to the Government delegation headed by the First Vice President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Gen, Lt Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo for patience all these months day and night to come out with a real Sudanese peace. This peace will put Sudan on the right track for achieving sustainable development and better life for all people who are still suffering from the difficulties in the living and improving their incomes to face the high jacking of prices of commodities and the basic needs.

Great hopes are expected after signing of this peace agreement. Let us support it, and Allah blesses this step for  the sake of Sudanese people .We say thanks to Juba, the government of South Sudan, the people of South Sudan, friends of Sudan , and the World community .