The Role of the RSF in Confronting Human Trafficking Phenomenon

The human trafficking represents violation to human rights; but unfortunately it has become a commodity which is subject to supply and demand economic theory.

Human trafficking phenomenon is active in the Libyan/Sudanese borders as the human traffickers from all nationalities work there taking advantage from the strategic location of Sudan and the instability in Libya and Chad.

Sudan has become a crossing point for illegal migration towards the European shores through Libya.

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) took the lead in confronting the human trafficking phenomenon  as it managed, according to Brig. Gamal Jumaa (the spokesperson of the RSF), to arrest 120 illegal migrants including Sudanese and foreigners at the triangle area on the borders.

The RSF also arrested 13 of the human traffickers and managed to release 9  Sudanese national detained by foreigners who were asking for ransom to release. The detainees were subject  to torture by the foreigners.

What is strange that one of the Sudanese hostages found the foreigner who sold him among the arrested human traffickers.

The facts and figures enumerated by the RSF commander affirm the existence of human trafficking and the selling and buying of hostages.

Human trafficking is considered as one of the organized crossing crimes and is not less that the money laundering , smuggling of drugs and weapons’ trade.

The crime of human trafficking is horrible because it might lead to death in the Mediterranean or the desert.

It is high time for the transitional government to activate the anti-human trafficking act issued by the Sudanese government on 2014 which includes harsh punishments ranging between sentencing to death and imprisonment (5 – 20 years) for the human trafficking gangs because they don’t deserve any mercy.

An appreciation message should be conveyed to the RSF for its intensive efforts in curbing the illegal migration and human trafficking.

We call on, not only the transitional government but the international community as a whole, to provide all possible support to the RSF to enable it conduct its noble mission in protecting the monitoring the borders.