Settlement of the Nomads

Settlement of the Nomads:

The Model Villages in Darfur  .. A Leap in Providing services in the Humanitarian Valley

The citizens of Darfur states depend on their lives on several types of activities which integrate with each other on top of which is the agriculture and pastoral activites besides other crafts practiced by groups to earn their living such as handcraft, carpentry, traditional hunting and pottery.

Who Are the Nomads:

The nomads in Darfur are those tribes which practice the breeding of cattle in west, middle, north and east Sudan. They are called the nomads as they move from one place to another in search of grass and water for them and their animals in  seasonal journeys according to the rainy seasons.

The nomads in Darfur suffer a lot from several problems on top of which is the lack of education besides the issues of water, health care and sheltering.

The RSf and Development:

On February 2003, the civil war in Darfur started ignited by two rebel groups i.e. Sudan Liberation Movement and Justice and Equality Movement. Those two movements caused conflicts and destabilization in the area a matter that resulted to the displacement of big numbers of the citizens and hindering the development process, hence the widespread of poverty in the region.

It was necessary to remove this tragic situation. But the issue requires intensive efforts and strong will. The RSF took the lead and put the interest of Darfur citizens on top of its priorities.

Model Villages:

The RSF Commander in Chief, 1st Lt. gen. Mohammed Hamdan Daglo direcrted the construction of 29 model villages in Darfur provided by all basic service (health, education, foodstuff, shelter, water) Schools were established and primary health centres were constructed with all its equipment besides literacy programmes.

 After the considerable stability in the area, the RSF started the settlement programmes for the nomads to enable them contribute in the development.

The Nomads testimony:

The nomads affirmed that their lives were changed and their started their contribution in the building of social peace to support  the peaceful coexistence.