Samples of Battlefield Victories

The RSf entered into several battles in which it managed to achieve historical victories since 2013, the most popular was Funga, Turuji, Al-Baasheem, Al-Nukhara, Goz Dango, Wadi Hawar, Beer Al-Deek and other battles.

Goz Dango Battle:

This battle took place in South Darfur where the RSF troops defeated the insurgents in only 30 minutes. The attacking insurgents were well trained by foreigners for one and a half years; but the RSF defeated them and seized 160 vehicles, huge quantities of ammunitions, 40 armored vehicles, 43 canons and 274 machine guns, besides modern communication devices.

The President of the Republic granted medals to the troops of the RSF troops which participated in that battle.


Freeing Funga and Abdulwahid’s Violations

The RSf defeated Abdulwahid Nour rebels and its allies including SLA (Manni Arco Minnawi, Justice and Equality Movement in a battle which is described as quick at Fuga area east of Jebel Marra.

On January 2015 Abdulwahid challenged the RSF that if they enter Fuga, his troops will give a hard lesson to the RSF; but the RSF entered Funga and silenced Abduwahid voice. It took the RSF only one and a half an hour during which 400 of the insurgents were killed and 17 arrested besides the destruction of 65 armoured vehicles.

Messages of the Commander in Chief to the Mail of the Insurgency:

 Following the victory in Funga the RSf Commander in Chief asked Allah the Almighty to have mercy upon the martyrs and pledged to bring an end to insurgency all over the country, revealing the least losses in the battlefield among the RSF troops while te insurgency lost all its military machinery in the battlefield.

He said that the RSF translated the words into deeds, belittling and mocking the speeches of Abdulwahid in which he challenged to beat the RSF troops in the battlefield of Funga.

Funga  ..  A Strategic Location:

The insurgents have chosen Fuga as one of their strong castles and considred it as the headquarters of the armed groups in Northm South and east Darfur states. They thought that they can distablize the security of the country from that strong castle; but they were defeated by the brave RSF troops.

The RSF troops managed to chase the remnants of the insurgency and repulsed them from all the surrounding areas.