Community Protection

There are several definitions to drugs including the psychological, legal and health. It is enough to say that it is a raw material which contain elements that lead to addiction causing physical and psychological damage.

From its social responsibility to protect the youth and the Sudanese community from this danger, the RSF adapted a strategy to fight the smugglers of drugs especially in the remote areas.

This was obvious recently as the RSF managed to seize several shipments of drugs including the one of 189 quintal of cannabis which were in its way to Khartoum. The chief of the gang was arrested in Om Kadadah area in North Darfur State.

The RSF also managed to seize drugs after chasing three Land cruiser vehicles near Al-Tina area on its way to Libya.

The RSF seized culprits hiding 54 quintal of cannabis in east Darfur.

The RSF also seized drugs on its way to Saudi Arabia from Syria via Sudan amounting to more than 315 million Saudi Riyals.

The RSF intelligence in East Darfur Sector managed to seize 24 quintal of drugs on its way to be distributed in greater Khartoum, besides seizing a lorry truck loaded with hashish in Um Kadada are in North Darfur state.