Protecting the Borders

 The Rapid Support Forces took several stages in conducting its military mission  and it contributed in confronting all the challenges facing the national security in its comprehensive dimension.

After the RSF managed to bring an end to the rebellion of Darfur following its fierce battles against the armed groups, it spread all over the bordering line to protect the borders from all the directions through confronting all the intercontinental and organized crimes including the human trafficking, drugs, firearms trade, smuggling of minerals and foodstuff besides other illegal acts.

The RSF managed safeguard the borders and claimed hundreds of lives and injured troops in its battles against the human trafficking gangs and other criminals who use the borders as crossing for their crimes.

The RSF played considerable role in confronting all the national economy threats through controlling the borders and preventing the smuggling of commodities, besides its social role in supervising reconciliations among tribes in the joint borders.

It managed to improve its capabilities and operations in protecting the borders besides other military operations.