Confronting the Illegal Migration


The deam of reaching Europe makes huge number of migrants in the Middle east, Africa and other countries make Sudan as a start point for their adventure. Most of the migrants head to Sudan as a crossing point to achieve their aspirations in reaching the European shores. The desert routes on the joint borders between Sudan, Libya and Egypt represent the most important crossing points for illegal migration process.

The continuous flow of the illegal migrants has its negative aspects on the Sudanese economy. Even if those illegal migrants fail to continue their journey due to the strict monitoring of our forces on the borders, still their hopes prevent them from going back to their countries, so they prefer to stay in Sudan, a matter that results to economic, social and security consequences due to the long hosing which affect negatively on the facilities and basic services provided to the Sudanese nationals. Here come the role of the RSF in confronting this phenomenon through protecting the broad borders by making the rapid measures to abort any human trafficking attempts on those crossing points.

The RSF exert intensive efforts to achieve its goals in protecting the borders and eliminating the human trafficking phenomenon through strict coordination with other related regular forces.


Human Trafficking is generally used and understood to refer to the process through which individuals are placed or treated in situations that facilitate their exploitation for economic gains. This definition was considered unsatisfactory. Recently in the year 2000 the international community agreed to a definition of trafficking and it was stated that it is intended to prevent suppress and punish Trafficking in Persons Especially Women and Children (TROFFICKING Protocol). The protocol is a supplement toUN Convention against Transitional Crime. The definition proclaimed in the protocol is endorsed internationally. Human Trafficking affects men, woem, children and involves a range of exploitation practices such as sexual exploitation of women.

According to its strategic goals the RSF are concerned in preventing the illegal migration and curbing the human trafficking due to its threat to the social peace and security of Sudan.

The RSF efforts in preventing the human trafficking and the illegal migration are obvious through its continuous activities on the borders and its operations to release the victims from the human traffickers, besides providing the humanitarian services, direct health, foodstuff, and psychological support by expertized RSF officers working in human trafficking elimination.

Human trafficking is the curse of the21st century and is now organized and administrated by aa very sophisticated international network of criminal organizations that utilize the latest technological advancement in  committing their crimes. It is considered the third largest criminal activity after drugs and illegal arms trade.

But despite that, The RSF managed to abort several attempts of human trafficking launched by professional gangs.

The References of the RSF in Confronting the Illegal Migration:

1- The decisions according to which the RSF were assigned to protect the borders and confront the illegal migration.

2- The directives of the Commander in Chief to the related circles to implement the dicisions.

The Apparent Challenges

1-The geographic location of Sudan makes it a target for the illegal migrants especially those from the Middle East, and Eastern Africa considering it as an important crossing point.

2-The increase of the illegal migration created a widespread market in the region where the active groups of brokers  practice their work through using the social media outlets and most of them are from the countries of the victims a matter that requires exerting all possible efforts to seize them.

3-The cost of the providing t services to the illegal migrants who prefer to stay in Sudan and its negative impact on the Sudanese national security along with the economic and social issues.

Samples of the RSF Achievements in Confronting the Illeal Migration:

1- On 24/01/2017: Aborting an attempt of smuggling 64 citizens from neighboruing countries at Al-Siyah area in North Darfur. The culprits and the foreign victims were refered to the concerned authorities for further procedures.

2- On 03/08/2017:  At wadi Hawar area 15 Sudanese victims were released and the culprits were referred to the concerned courts.

3- On 21/12/2017: At Souk Libya area the RSF aborted an attempt of smuggling 7 persons from a neighbouring country and t culprits and vicitms were referred to the concerned authorities.

4- On 04/03/2018: The RSF aborted a human he victims and trafficking of 77 Sudanese nationals at Kulbus area and the official measures were taken against the culprits and the victims.

5- On 22/08/2018: At the Triangle area te RSF aborted the human trafficking of 28 Sudanese nationals and  the official measures were taken.

6- On September 2018: At the Triangle bordering area, the RSF aborted an attempt of smuggling 155 of victims from neighbouring countries. The legal measures were taken.

7- On 21/09/2018: At the Murgi Well  in the Northern State (some 75 kilometres from Dongla the capital city), the RSF aborted the trafficking of 61 victims from several nationalities and the legal measures were taken.

8- On 18/09/2019: at the Triangle bordering area, the RSF managed to seize 33 culprits including 9 Sudanese, 24 Libyans, and releasing 138 persons from different nationalities including 71 Sudanese, 27 Ethiopians, 24 Libyans, 6 Chadians besides 18 vehicles prepared for the human trafficking operation.

The Procedures Taken by the RSF towards the Victims and the Culprits:

A: Psychological Support and Social Service:

Following arresting the culprits and releasing the victims without any losses in lives or injuries, the RSF start  meeting with the victims to know the roots of the problem and the urgent requirements of the victims who are usually under psychological shock and need direct psychological guidance.

B. The Medial Care:

A medical checkup and first aid are provided to the victims at the site before transporting them to specialized medical centres using aircrafts, ambulances and other vehicles

C. Legal services:

After handing the victims to the judiciary, the concerned authorities take the necessary measures to preserve their rights and dignity. The culprits are brought to justice to be charged according to the laws.

Measures Taken by the RSF towards its troops working on the field of Curbing Illegal Migration:

  1. Training:

The concerned department trains those troops and gives them the required doses to make them qualified to endure all the circumstances and deal with it, besides intensive courses in humanitarian aspect and various law in dealing with the victims and the culprits with the least losses.

  1. Support:

The working troops are supported by specialized medical units and researchers besides conducting awareness activities in the remote areas to show the facts about danger of human trafficking.


What the RSF is doing towards the illegal migration deserves appreciation due its dealing with the issue in complete responsibility to achieve stability.