Cessation of S. Sudan was Due to Wrong Dealing with Secularism, Says FVP

04 May 2021

First Vice President (FVP) of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo slammed the opposing calls towards the Declaration of Principles which recognized secularism to serve certain political agendas through wrapping themselves in religion cover.
He called, while addressing the Iftar organized by the Popular Initiative  for Safeguarding the Revolution in Khartoum led by religious and local administration leaders, for launching a campaign to explain secularism to the people instead of criticism which might lead to fragmentation of the nation.
He added that South Sudan cessation was due to the wrong dealing with the secularism issue, affirming that the negative dealing towards secularism will lead to conflicts which will, in turn, hinder the stability of Sudan.
“Peace has a price which all of us must pay for safekeeping our country”  FVP added.
He called on the criticizers of the secularism to confront its supports through negotiations and arguments instead of sticking to their political and partisan stances.
The FVP said that the  initiative shouldn’t have involved itself in the political conflict through adapting the stances of certain political parties, adding that the initiative should be for unification the ranks and leaving the Sudanese people have their say in the secularism.
Daglo affirmed that Islam is spread in the secular countries more than the Muslim nations, affirming that no Muslim is pressed to leave his worshiping,  adding that the constitutional conference will decide on applying secularism or otherwise, disclosing that the issue of applying secularism or otherwise should be through the ballot boxes.
He said that religion is not a compromised issue and they will confront those who target it, affirming that he will be the first to resist.
The FVP  slammed the silence of the political parties towards the issue of elections and democratic transformation , adding that the elections will come sooner or later.
He said that the people are suffering  in getting the simplest  necessities such as potable water, affirming the existence of systematic  sabotage operations especially in oil production areas, warning against the wrangling which might lead the country to the unkown fate such as Syria and other countries of conflict.
He concluded that the resolution lies on an inclusive agreement  considering that any attempts to monopoly the power from any party will lead to more fragmentation and scattering.