Al Sereif Citizens Call for Keeping the RSF in the area

02 May 2021

The RSF delegation led by Maj.Gen. Khalid manger of the Supplies directorate in the presence of the RSF Commander in Darfur sectors Maj.Gen.Isam Salih Fedeil has inspected the ongoing of the works at the market in AlSereif locality .The delegation stood on the security situations at the locality.
Fedeil affirmed that the RSF troops continued in implementing their tasks in curbing the negative aspects and punishing the insurgents in the area ,and loaded the great role of the citizens in treating with the regular forces to boost security and protect civilians and to impose the power of the State .
For their part, AlSereif citizens called on keeping the RSF as permanent in AlSereif affirming the great role of the RSF in preventing a humantarian disaster in the area due to the recent incidents in AlSerief area.
The citizens loaded also the way that the RSF adopted in solving the problem .