RSF Delegation Meets Joint Chadian/Sudanese Security Committee in Al-Tina

30 Apr 2021

The RSF delegation led by  the Chief of Sspplies Directorate, Maj. Gen. Khalid Beraish met the Chadian/Sudanese Security Committee in the presence of the RSF Darfur Sectors Commander, Maj. Gen. Isam Addeen Saleh Fedail and the commanders of the RSF directorates.
For his part,  Chief of RSF Operations Directorate,  Osman Mohammed Hamid called for exerting more efforts in curbing the illegal migration and human trafficking, affirming their preparedness to deter the insurgents and bring about control on the Sudanese/Chadian bordering zone.
For his part, Chief of the joint Sudanese/Chadian troops, Lt. Col. Mohammed Al-Atta Ahmed Al-Habeeb in Al-Tina lauded the role of the RSF in defusing the negative aspects, hailing the RSF role towards the bordering issues.
Al-Tina  Locality Executive Manager,  Ibrahim Hasab Al-Kareem said that the RSF is working hard to achieve security and stability on the Sudanese/Chadian borders besides it role in supporting the peace and peaceful coexistence amid the communities in the area.