Borders Are Under Control, RSF Commander in North Darfur Affirms

27 Apr 2021
Commander of the rapid Support Forces in North Darfur, Brig. Jido Hamdan Ahmed Mohammed affirmed that the deployment of the RSF on the bordering zone with the neighbouring countries enabled it to control the bordering areas.
He added that the state is witnessing an unprecedented stability a matter that contributed in the voluntary return of the IDPs and refugees.
He affirmed in a press enlightenment that they are working in coordination with the army and other regular forces, pointing out to their receiving the troops of the armed struggle movements in El-Fashir and stationing them in some areas.
Meanwhile, Jido revealed tensions among the citizens in Al-Seraif which the RSF managed to contain, pointing out to the RSF role in the firearms collection process.
He disclosed that the RSf play significant role in the communal responsibility.