RSF Seize 2 Power Plants in a Store of a Leading Figure of the Ex-regime

13 Jul 2020

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) announced today, Monday, that it seized two power plants  in a store of one of  Abdul Basit Hamza who is the leading figures of the ex-regime in Khartoum North Industrial area.

The RSF intelligence managed to seize the two power plants after close monitoring. The two power paknts are German made with 8 Magawatt for each which can provide electricity to a whole city in Sudan out of the national grid.

The RSF aborted several attempts to sell the two power plants to several parties inside Sudan and managed to seize 10 containers as annexes to the two power plants besides 3 huge stores containting electricity workshops equipment.

Acting Minister of Finance, Hiba Mohammed Ali, said that Sudan is suffering in providing electricity and is begging the international community to provide assistance while the ex-regime leaders are hiding it for personal benefits.

She described the RSF operation as a great achievement.

“We are all standing in one line behind the RSF and all regular forces to restore the rights of the Sudanese people.” She added.

“Gone is the time of hiding and covering the crimes” shed affirmed.

She added that the two power plants can cover the areas that suffer problems of electricity and water supply.

For his part, Acting Minister of Energy and Ministry, Khairi Abdul Rahman, lauded the RSF and its contribution in restoring the properties of the Sudanese people.

He added that the two power plants could be utilized in several locations outside the national grid, affirming that two power plants were subject to damage which is bad.

“We will deal with the RSF to check to two power plants technically in order to repair it and allocate it to the deserved areas” he disclosed.

For his part, RSF 2nd Commander in Chief, Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo, affirmed that the RSF will restore any stolen properties belonging to the Sudan people.

“Our message to those who hide the properties of the Sudanese people to report before taking harsh measures against them” Daglo said, affirming that there will be no more tolerance to those who betray the Sudanese people.

He affirmed that the RSF will stand steady against the betrayers, pointing out that the stores of the two power plants were subject to theft by some parties.