Security Top Priority, Says Central Darfur RSF Commander

11 Apr 2021

Commander of the RSF in Central Darfur, Brig. Ali Yagoub Jibril called on the local authorities in Saraf Omra Locality to prioritize  peace and security within the recent systematic  insecurity incidents in several of Darfur states, pointing out to last week incidents between Tama and For tribes which the RSF managed to contain.
Yagoub added, during his meeting in his office with  in the executive manager of Saraf Omra locality, that the upcoming stage requires awareness from the regular forces to preserve the peace achieved, pointing out that security is the most important factor in the stability of any community, calling on the citizens to cooperate with the regular forces in peace-keeping as part of their responsibility in preserving peace and security.
For his part, the executive manager of Saraf Omra localit, Adam Abdallah Ali hailed he role of he RSF in containing the recent incidents in the locality, besides its safeguarding the public institutions and the farms of the citizens due t its deployment all over the area.