RSF Arrest those Involved in Al-Siraif Incidents

08 Apr 2021
RSF Security Boosting Battalion in Al-Sl-Siraif locality  which includes Peace Shield, RSF Central and North Darfur sectors, managed to arrest number of those involved in the recent incidents occurred in Al-Siraif Locality according to the State of Emergency Act issued by the Governor of the State.
Meanwhile, the commander of the Peace Shield battalion to Darfur states, Brig. Al-Nour Al-Goba said that they came to the locality to achieve the goals of the battalion represented by bringing about control and curbing the negative aspects besides mending the social fabric, calling for adherence to the voice of reason.
For his part, Al-Siraif  Locality Executive manager hailed to role of the RSF for  its decisive intervention and its dealing wisely towards the incidents, affirming that the deployment of the RSF contributed to the considerable stability and the return of life to normal.