Abdul Rahim Daglo Addresses Buram Sit-in, Affirms Legitimacy of the Demands

06 Apr 2021

Member of Transitional Period partners Council, Deputy RFF Commander in Chief, Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo has addressed Buram Locality of South Darfur  sit-in which reached its 6th day, affirming in his address to respond to all the demands of the sit-inners, describing it as legitimate, lauding the national spirits he found amid the sit-inners.
“The revolution is ours, and we are keen to protect it despite the efforts of hostile parties to abort it” Daglo said.
He affirmed their keenness to support the youth issues, adding that security is the responsibility of all citizens, expressing sorrow for the recent violent incidents, pointing out that the forces deployed all over the states and localities are working to bring about control, lauding the role of the local administration in Buram Locality .
He announced donation of a power plant and 4 potable water wells, promising to follow up Buram/Nyala Highway project.