RSF Contribute in the Return of 3,635 IDPs to their Home Villages in South Darfur

11 Jul 2020

Rapid Support Forces *RSF) 2nd Commander-in-Chief, Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo, affirmed the keenness of the regular forces in protecting the IDPS in the camps, besides assisting them to return to their home villages and farm.

He recommended, while meeting with a delegation from Masaleet chaired by Chieftain Yagoub  Mohammed and number of mayors and Sheikhs  at the Guest House in Nyala city, the IDPs to depend on agriculture instead of waiting the support of foreign aid agencies.

Daglo announced the RSF donation for digging water wells, besides modern agricultural machineries to the IDPs in the voluntary return villages, affirming the preparedness of the RSF and other regular forces to fight those who attempt to destabilize the peaceful existence of the people.

For his part, Chieftain Yagoub Mohammed Yagoub lauded the great efforts exerted by the RSF in securing the IDPs return to their home villages, especially the returnees to Abdos villages in Giraida locality which received 635families from the IDPs camps besides more than 3 thousand who returned to their home villages in South Darfur localities.

He called on all Darfur tribes to unite their ranks and fight the insurgents  who are trying to destabilize the peace and security.

The Masaleet Chieftain expressed appreciation to the RSF 2nd Commander-in-Chief, Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan for his assistance to the IDPs in Abdos village in Giraida locality, adding that this effort is considered an extension to the continuous national contributions in all aspects.