RSF Intelligence on Sudanese/Egyptian Borders Arrest Illegal Migrants

09 Jul 2020

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) intelligence stationed  on the bordering line between Egypt and Sudan managed to arrest a group of illegal migrants at Khashm Al-Nasraniya area  in the Northern State.

The groups included 12 persons of Ethiopian and Eritrean nationalities with women among them.

Commander of the RSF  stationed intelligence forces, Major Abu Zhar Hamad Al-Neel said they launched a qualitative operation and managed to arrest the group who were victims of human trafficking gang on a 4WD vehicle on their way to Egypt and Libya.

Hamad Al-Neel announced the preparedness of his forces to curb the human trafficking, smuggling, illegal migration and border-crossing crimes phenomenon,

He added that the RSF stationed on the bordering line had launched another operation in which it managed to arrest a group of criminals keeping ammunitions, explosion equipment, and quantities of Hashish (Ghat) on the bordering line in River Nile State.