Daglo Welcomes the African P S C Delegation and Affirms the Democratic Transformation

30 Mar 2021

First Vice President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo has met today in his office at the Republican Palace  the Peace and Security Council PSC delegation headed by the permanent Kenyan Representative to the Afrinan Union (AU) Jean Kamau .
FVP assured Sudan welcome the Peace and Security Council delegation describing the visit as important and simultaneously with the forming of the transitional government with a participation of the signatories of Juba peace agreement of Sudan ,pointing to the importance of the democratic change at the end of the Transitional Period. He lauded the role of the peace and security council in solving issues that facing the members. 
FVP stressed on the capability of the Government in protecting the civilians in Darfur. Noting out to the completion of forming the forces to protect civilians besides the peace shield forces deployed in Darfur.
1st Lt.Gen. Daglo said that the tribal conflicts took place in Darfur recently as social secretions.Added that the Government has plans for voluntary return of the IDPs and refugees to their villiages.
For her part,Kamau whose country chairs this round of the peace and security Council explained that the visit of the PSC delegation to Sudan aims to stand on the political transformation process through Juba peace agreement. 
Ambassador Kamau congratulated the Sudanese  people for the Government efforts pushing Sudan forward, making Sudan a pioneer Country in the African continent. 
She affirmed the capability of the Africans to solve their issues successfully .Noted out that the lessons of the Sudanese experiments would be aspiration to the African countries to face their problems.