Commander of 2nd Infantry Division Visits RSF Headquarters in Gedaref

30 Mar 2021

The Commander of the 2nd Infantry Division, Maj. Gen. Haidar Ali Al-Turaifi addressed today (Monday) the Rapid Support Forces officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers (Gedaref Sector) in the presence of the visiting RSF command delegation.
In his speech, Al-Turaifi lauded the RSF efforts, calling for keeping up their high spirits and efficiency.
For his part, Chief of RSF properties directorate, Maj. Gen. Khalid Nour Al-Daimsaid that what is going on now is redeployment of the RSF, adding that they were there in the eastern borders according to the directives of the RSF Commander in Chief, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo in protecting the borders.
He affirmed the ability of the RSF to protect the country, advising them to continue its preparedness.