RSF Commands Inspect Troops Guarding In AlFashqa in Gedaref State

29 Mar 2021

The Rapid Support Forces RSF Commands inspected today Sunday the Sudanese Arm Forces SAF and the RSF troops guarding in AlFashaqa area in Gedaref state. They stood on the centers stops at the reality for deploying of the forces in the area and the accessibility and readiness. The visit included many centers stops.
RSF manager of Operations directorate Maj. Gen.Osman Mohamed Hamid saluted the martyrs of honor and the Nation. He said that their visit, and they are so proud and gratitude to the forces for their efforts to protect the precious Nation .He added (we don’t say thank you for it is your duty and role as sons and gentlemen of Sudan). But we would like to say is that we are all for the sake of Sudan. We work jointly to protect our great heritage of our grandfathers. Sudan will be lifted high by you. Today you are the real power and force of Sudan. You work to face and challenge the death to survive Sudan. We came and found you the eye guarding and monitoring the enemies of the Nation. 
Maj. Gen. Osman Mohamed Hamid lauded the full cooperation and coordination between SAF and RSF. He handed to the troops the salutes and greetings of the First Vice President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, RSF Commander in Chief 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan  Daglo .
For his part Properties Directorate manger, Maj. Gen. Khaild Nur Al Daiem Omer expressed his gladness with the discipline of the troops of the RSF through the well-integrated training that led to the current accessibility pointing to that the RSF are  existing   in the Law affirmed that the boosting of security is the entrance to the production .
 For his part, Tabark Allah sector commander in Al Fashaqa Maj. Gen. Osama Awad Mohamed Hamed explained that the inspecting visit to the front lines from the RSF commands to the deployed troops in the area will give Great Spirit to push and support the forces. Adding that the RSF had been existing since the first dispatch of the forces in Al Fashaqa. Affirming that RSF have appreciable roles in protecting the borders and contributed in the internal security operations, and curbing of the human trafficking through the borders. Maj.Gen. Osama Awad Mohamed affirmed that SAF and RSF work jointly and in harmony to prevent the enemy from expansion.
The RSF Commands delegation included manager of the Properties Directorate Maj. Gen. Khalid Nour Al Daiem Omer.Manager of Operations Directorate Osman Mohamed Hamid. Col. Talal Yahyia Humeida from the executive office and manger of Information Directorate.