FVP Participates in the Memorial of Late Chieftain Al-Hadi Abdul Rahman

27 Mar 2021

First Vice President (FVP) of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo described late Chieftain Al-Hadi Abdul Rahman as a sincere and cheerful along with a man of recognized stances.
In his speech on the occasion of  the first memorial of late Chieftain Al-Hadi Abdul Rahman which took place today (Friday) in Um Takal area in Doeum Locality in White Nile State in the presence of government officials and local administration leaders, , Daglo congratulated Chieftain Ahmed Abdul Rahman Muzamil for being selected as a Chieftain of Dowaih tribe
He called for doubling the production in White Nile State considering that the agriculture in the White Nile State can bring Sudan out of its economic crisis.
He pointing out that Doeum is a pioneering place of education and knowledge, emphasizing the importance of cohesion and avoiding tribalism which is exploited by some politicians, pledging to widen the canal in the area and the construction of a hospital. 
In his speech, the Governor of White Nile State, Ismail Warag said that last Chieftain was an authority in his dealing with others, pointing out to the important role of local administration, promising to accomplish several development projects.
For his part, Chieftain Habani of Hssaniya tribe, appreciated the contribution of the FVP in paying the blood money of Hassaniya and Shuwaihat in 2018, affirming their support to the peace process.
Chieftain Ahmed Abdul Rahman expressed appreciation to the FVP for his participation in the memorial of last Chieftain Al-Hadi Abdul Rahman Muzamil.