RSF 2nd Commander-in-Chief Calls on Nirtiti Citizens to Disregard the Past Bitterness

07 Jul 2020

A reconciliation meeting was held between the nomads and the farmers in West Jebel Marra Locality under the supervision of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) 2nd Commander-in-Chief, Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo.

The two parties agreed on the peaceful coexistence principle and to renounce the tribalism and avoid the issue that might cause conflicts.

Daglo called on all the citizens to disregard the past bitterness and accepting each other, pointing out that there is enmity among the components of Central Darfur communities, but there are infiltrators  who work to escalate the conflicts between the farmers and the shepherds.

He pledged to form a joint forces supported by 152 vehicles (100 from the RSF, 42 from the Sudanese Armed Force and 10 from the police to track the insurgents, safeguarding the agricultural season, protecting the forests from violent cutting, firearms and motorbikes collection, and blocking the corridors on the face of the insurgents.

Daglo said that in response to the demands of Nirtiti sit- inner the security committee in West Jebel Marra Locality  and the executive manager were relieved, promising to accomplish the development projects in the nomads areas,

For his part, Chieftain Al-Tijani of For Tribe in Nirtiti affirmed that there are no deputes between them and the nomads, pointing out that the insurgents are behind the incidents as they are endeavoring to ignite the sedition among the components of West Jebel Marra community.

Chieftain Al-Tijani lauded the efforts of the RSF 2nd commander-in-Chief, Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan putting an end to the blooding conflicts and boosting peace and security amid the communities of West Jebel Marra Locality.