Peace Shield Contributed in Boosting Security, Says Kutum Locality Executive Manager

26 Mar 2021

The command of Infantry in Kutum Locality  organized a farewell party on Wednesday to its former commander Brig. Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Dafallah and welcoming the new commander Brig. Hamdi Ibrahim Ahmed.
The ceremony was attended by officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers of Peace Shield battalion led by Brig. Al-Nour Ahmed Adam (Al-Goba).
The executive secretary of Kutum Locality , Adam Mohammed Mukhtar, said in his speech in the ceremony, that the peace shield forces  are the actual support for the citizens in the locality since its deployment in the area a matter that contributed in curbing the looting and theft practices, besides the services provided and its fruitful  cooperation with the security committee in the locality.
Meanwhile, the former commander of the infantry, Brig. Ahmed Ibrahim that the RSF are working in harmony with the Sudan Armed Forces in safeguarding the area and defusing the insurgency.
Brig. Hamdi said that he came to the area with full satisfaction on the cooperation and teamwork due to his previous knowledge with Brig. Al-Goba, affirming the continuation of joint work to enable the citizens enjoy the security and stability.