RSF, Armed Struggle Movements in North Darfur Affirm Joint Work to Curb Drugs

23 Mar 2021
Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and the troops of the armed struggle forces  located in Jago Jago area, east of El-Fashir in North Darfur affirmed that they work jointly in order to curb the negative aspects and in the fight against drugs.
This affirmation came during the awareness workshop organized by Bit Makali National Organization in collaboration with RSF (North Darfur Sector) targeting the RSF and armed struggle troops stationed in the area.
The Commander of RSF in North Darfur, Brig. Jido Hamdan Ahmed Abunshuk, said that the RSF and the armed struggle movements became cohesive forces to preserve peace and protecting the citizens.
For her part, Dr. Lubna Ali Abdul Rahman, the Executive Director of Bit Makali called on the national forces to exert more efforts to combat all the negative aspects and drugs.
Lubna added that the RSf have been playing great roles and considerable efforts to preserve security and stability besides protecting the nation, pointing out that there are parties which are attempting to target the RSF and tarnish its image but it failed due to the cohesion of those forces besides its acheivements and efforts which defused those allegations.