RSF Sieze Gangs Terrorize Citizens of Hashaba in North Darfur

22 Mar 2021

Aforce followed to the Rapid Support Forces RSF Peace Shield,Group 22 has managed to arrest several armed gangs Terrorized citizens of Hashaba in north Darfur .The gangs are armed with weapons and arms ,and according to information delivered to the force explaining that these gangs are terrorizing secured citizens and their properties in these areas.
For his part ,RSF Commander in Hashaba , Maj.Abd Allah Abu Geleima said that the forces arrested these gangs and seized lots of Alkohol, Drugs, poisons and medicines for non-medical purposes that smuggled from AlTeina area on it's way to Al Fashir city.He affirmed the readiness of his forces to curb the negative aspects that harm the health and safety of the citizen.