RSF in Central Darfur Pledge to Construct a Compartment for Equestrian Racetrack

21 Mar 2021

Commander of the RSF in Central Darfur, Brig. Ali Yagoub Jibril affirmed the importance of sports and its role in the cohesion of the community, especially at the times when people need such gatherings in which equestrian plays a pivotal role as a beloved sports.
He added in press statements, following his visit to the equestrian racetrack  in Zalinji and watching the five rounds race participated by the best horses in the country, affirming that the RSF played a great role in improving the racetrack  especially after the generous donation of the RSF Commander in Chief, 1st Lt Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo to build the main compartment , lauding the distinguished attendance including those who came from West Darfur, disclosing that such activities contribute in manding the social fabric amid the components of the community, calling on the government of the state to support this activity.