Merowe Is a Distinguished, Dear Civilized Area and Amiable People, Says Abdul Rahim Hamdan

21 Mar 2021
Member of the Transitional Period Partners Council, Deputy RSF Commander in Chief, Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo greeted the Sudanese people who are the makers of our civilization, history and heritage.
He added, while attending Shiekh Musa Hilal release ceremony I Omdurman neighbourhood in the presence of FVP, member of the Sovereign Council, El-Tahir hagar, member of the Transitional Period Partners Council, Al-Toum Hago, leaders of local administrations, Sufi sect leaders, that his mentioning Merowe in particular, in his previous address aimed at drawing the attention that it is a distinguished dear civilized area and its amiable people besides it  generous  and courageous citizens .
He praied the Sufi sects people for their role in promoting peace all over the history, enumerating their contributions in reconciliations, development and before that the spread of Dawa.