Commander of Peace Shield Battalion Inspects Quranic Reciting Khalwas in Kulbus Locality

19 Mar 2021

Commander of the RSF Piece Shield Battalion, Brig. Al-Nour Ahmed Al-Goba Asporo Khalwa for Quranic reciting  Khalwa which is directed by Sheikh Abdallah Abakar Mohmmedain in Kulbus Locality in West Darfur State.
The visit comes within the frame of inspecting the Peace Shield Battalion stationing areas in Darfur states
Brig. Al-Goba provided financial and spiritual support to the studiers, expressing his appreciation to Sheikh Abdallah Abakar for his patience and continuation of teaching the students of Quran and its noble principles despite the dire conditions which the area was witnessing recently.
Al-Goba affirmed the continuation of RSF support to Quranic reciting centres all over the country as directed by the 1st Vice President of the Sovereign Concil, 1st. Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo.