RSF Chief in North Darfur Affirms stability of Security in all Localities

17 Mar 2021

The Commander of RSF in North Darfur State, Jiddo Hamdan Abunshuk affirmed the stability of security situations in the localities of the State (Kabkabiya, Al-Seraif, Saraf Omra).
He added in press statements today (Wednesday) after his return for an inspection tour that all those localities are witnessing considerable stability following the recent incidents between For and Tama tribes.
He lauded the role of the Peace Shield Battalion which exerted great efforts to contain the conflict, adding that his forces will continue its mission in bringing about control and rule of law in the area, stressing on the importance of peacekeeping and stability.
Abunshuk laued the role of the local administration and other components of the society in playing its positive role in promoting the peace culture and mending the social fabric to achieve the aspired goals.