Al-Douma Affirms Stability of Security Situations in Shataya and Kaylik

16 Mar 2021

Commander of the RSf Battalion for Boosting Security and Stability in Shataya and Kaulik localities, lt. Col. Al-Nour Al-Douma Madri affirmed the stability of security situations in the area following the recent unrest, adding that the deployment of the battalion which included 50 vehicles contributed in protecting the agricultural season and the repatriation of about 20 thousand IDPs to their home villages, besides providing the required protection to them and dispatching an integrated humanitarian convoy to assist the affected citizens, along with reopening the marketing, pointing out to Kaylik livestock market as the biggest market in the area.
He added that his forces is working also in launching an initiative in cooperation with the local administration to boost the social fabric among the component of the area, a matter that was appreciated by the people.
He added that the initiative was preceded by transporting Sudan School Certificate students from the SLM/A controlled areas to the examination cenres and bringing them back which was commended by the SLM-A leader Abdulwahid  Nour.
Al-Nour revealed coordination between the RSF and other regular forces, lauding the support of the citizens and their demand for the RSF to stay especially after the considerable stability witnessed after the arrival of the battalion, affirming their readiness for joint work with the armed struggle groups in preserving security and stability all over the country.