Joint Security Forces Arrest 122 Insurgenta Heading to Fight in Libya, Says RSF Spokesperson

28 Jun 2020

A joint security force including Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Police and General Intelligence Services (GIS) managed to arrest 122 insurgents who were heading to fight in Libya including 8 teenagers.

RSf Spokesperson, Brigadier Jamal Juma’a said in press enlightenment this evening that 72 of the insurgents will be  subject to trial under article 5/H of the Emergency Act for their attacking Katroum IDPs camp , membership in the so-called awakening  revolutionary council, purchasing of firearms, recruitment of children, armed looting, and escalating tribal conflicts.

He added that the remaining 50 will be handed to the police authorities for investigation.

Juma’a disclosed that the arrest of those insurgents is considered a big achievement for the security forces, besides its showing the Sudanese people to crimes committed against Sudan  by exploiting the youth at a time when all the efforts are concentrated on achieving peace and brining the transitional period to safe shore towards democracy.

He added that the joint force managed to arrest those insurgents in different areas in Darfur (Saraf Omra, Kabkabiya and Kulbus).

He denied the existence of Sudanese forces fighting in Libya describing the news of the existence of Sudanese forces fighting in Libya as untrue, adding that the security committee is doing its best to overcome the challenges of the transitional period represented by the escalation of tribal conflicts and the insurgency which affect the relations between Sudan and its neighbouring countries, besides the peace and economic issues.

He disclosed that the high security committee got informed about correspondence between two Sudanese to recruit 1000 youth to fight in Libya, affirming that there is no Sudanese forces fighting in Libya and that  those fighting there are mercenaries who fight against money,

He pointed out that the RSF managed to arrest 243 persons last February in each of El-Fashir and Al-Genain, adding that they were brought before justice for fair trial.

For his part, RSF - West Darfur Sector - Brigadier Idriss Hassan lauded the joint efforts in safeguarding the borders and arresting the insurgents.