Government of Kulbus Locality Lauds Efforts of the Peace Shield Battalion

12 Mar 2021

The Executive Director of Kulbus locality in west Darfur Moahmed Saeed has lauded efforts of theRSF peace shields troops in boosting security and stabilty in Darfur states. 
The Executive Directive said when receiving the RSF peace shield battalion commander Brig. AlNour AlGabba today Frieday at the locality headquarter that the area had witnessed unprceeded security due to the deployment of the troops. 
For his side,the local administration representative deputy chieftain of Gumur tribe Hashim Ahmed Hashim said that the peace shield ended all negative aspects that the area was suffer from including stealing and others.
The political secretary Justice and Equalitmovemen JEM in Kulbus localityAbdul Rahman Abkar affirmed that the RSF is considered a basic polar of peace process running in Sudan .He appreciated efforts of the peace shield in boosting peace, stability and guarding peace.