Central Darfur Governor Commends Efforts of RSF and Joint Forces in Securing the Agricultural and Harvest Season

12 Mar 2021

Central Darfur Governor, Dr. Adeeb Abdul Rahman Yusuf commended the efforts of the RSF and joint forces in securing the agricultural and harvest season besides safeguarding the UNAMID locations in Zalingie, Nirtiti and Gola and the police station which was handed by UNAMID inside Hamidiya camp.
Adeeb affirmed, while addressing the biweekly forum of the States in Khartoum, the decline of crimes and insurgency in Central Darfur.
He added that the agricultural area this season increased by 45% , pointing out that Central Darfur State did  not witness any protests or sabotage as was the case in other states.
He pointed out to the establishment of examination centres in the SLM/AW controlled areas, revealing the existence of some forces which impersonate the ranks of the signatory  armed struggle groups, calling for expediting the implementation of the security arrangement protocols.