RSF and the International Committee of the Red Crescent organize a workshop on International Humanitarian Law in Kassala

10 Mar 2021

The Rapid Support Force RSF  organized in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Crescent ICRC Kassala branch a workshop on the International Humanitarian Law today. RSF  Commander Kassla sector  Col. Yahya Mohamed Adam addressed the workshop that aims to recognize with the International Humanitarian Law and the rules to reduce the impacts of the armed conflicts.
He lauded the touched role of the ICRC that work to reduce suffering of the people affected by the armed conflicts pointed to the continuation of these training workshops to the RSF in the different fields concerning the International Humanitarian Law.
The workshop was attended by RSF leaders and forces in Kassala and the related bodies, during which they were informed by the activities of the ICRC in the state addition to the basics of the International Humanitarian Law .This joint workshop affirming the importance of training and of the RSF in the humanitarian work and the civilians’ rights.