RSF Patronize Cessation of Hostilities Agreement between For and Tama Tribe in North Darfur

10 Mar 2021

For and Tama tribes in Saraf Omra Locality in North Darfur signed cessation of hostilities agreement under the sponsorship of the RSF Peace Shield Commander, Brig. Al-Nour Ahmed Adam (Al-Goba) and Colonel Dr. Nasir Al-Amin Bashir Commander of Battalion 21 Infantry.
Brig. Goba said in press statements that the agreement is considered crowing to the efforts exerted the security committee in Saraf Omra Locality, adding that the meeting affirms the keenness of the social components in North Darfur in forgetting the past bitterness and head towards tolerance and peace.
He lauded the role of the local administration in reaching the cessation of hostilities agreement, affirming that the deployment of Peace Shield Battalion to the area aims at supporting security and stability, confirming their commitment to follow-up the implementation of the agreement.
For his part Chieftain Abkora Mohammed Ahmadai lauded the role of the RSF efforts especially the Peace Shield Battalion which contributed in stopping the conflict.
Chieftain of Tama tribe Mohammed Shareef Mohammed Osman affirmed their commitment to the cessation of hostilities agreement.
The Arab tribes representative Abdul Rahman Hami said that people should mix between the social and political issues.