RSF Initiate Curbing Negative Aspects Phenomenon Campaign in Kutum Locality

06 Mar 2021

The Commander of the RSF Peace Battalion, Brig. Al-Nour Ahmed Adam (Al-Gabba), has led an intensive campaign to curb the negative aspects following reports of looting and theft  a matter that forced the citizens to ask for the RSF support to stop it.
Immediately after receiving the report, Brig. Gabba deployed a considerable number of  the RSF to comb the area including Abdul Shakoor, Um Sidir, Ed Al-Dour, Kiriba reservoir,  and Hashabba besides North/East Kutum Locality.
Gabba led the campaign by himself  which resulted to the seizure of 8 motorbikes, 3 suspect persons and 4 pieces of machineguns.
He said, while addressing the affected citizens, that the law will be imposed on all.