FVP Affirms Support to Youth Programmes to Achieve their Aspirations

02 Mar 2021

First Vice President (FVP) of the Soverign Counil, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo has affirmed that youth are the safe valve and the future of Sudan, lauding the efforts of Production Bank in organizing a training programme for youth in order to upgrade their capabilities to achieving the aspired development and increasing the production.
Daglo confirmed, while addressing the concluding session of the training programme organized by the Production Bank, his full support and sponsorship of youth programmes to assist them play their appropriate role in building a modern nation.
He directed the public institutions to care more for youth issues especially in training axis, pointing out that the peace achieved will save a lot of the country’s resources.
The FVP announced the government’s unlimited support to youth programmes and activities in greater Khartoum and other states, calling on the administration of Production Bank to continue its efforts to accommodate the energies of youth and direct it in a proper manner to avoid their restoration to illegal migration.
Daglo pointed out to the rich natural resources and potentials of Sudan which qualify Sudan to achvieve a comprehensive sustainable economic development.
The FVP directed the General Manager of Production Bank to accommodate all the participants in the training programme, calling for apply the idea in all states, stressing on the importance of the continuation of such initiatives which push forward the production cycle of Sudan.