East Darfur Completes Preparedness to Receive the Central Delegation Led By Daglo

02 Mar 2021
Governor of East Darfur state, Mohamed Eisa Eilo, affirmed the completion of all preparedness  to  receive the Central  Presidential Delegation led by the First Vice President of the Transitional Sovereign Council , the Rapid Support Forces RSF Commander in Chief , 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan  Daglo  to visit tomorrow Wednesday the capital of the state to inaugurate Al Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayid Hospital in Al Deain as the largest hospital in western Sudan , with a capacity of  200  beds , and 46 Intensive Care Unit( ICU ) . 
The Governor affirmed in press statements that the government of the state through the security committee and the higher committee of the reception, the completion of the preparedness to succeed the visit of the central delegation. The governor said that the contradictions of the past and the present, that since 20 years ago there was not any delegation had visited Darfur to solve tribal or civil conflicts or a rebel. He added that the state is now stable and secure, with some exceptions of insecurities in other parts of Sudan, pointed to presenting of the insurgents to fair trials to realize the slogan of the revolution (Freedom, Peace and Justice).  Added that those who actually accused will present to trial with ignoring their political belonging .He noted out to 80 accused persons in the incidents in Al Deain locality and Bahr Al Arab to be presented to fair trials. 
The Governor lauded the great efforts of the First Vice President of the Transitional Sovereign Council 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo in the fields of development and services in the state particularly the health sector.
The Governor of east Darfur disclosed that the hospital is a donation from Al Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayid to Sudan. Dagol has directed to construct it on an area of more than 11,000 square meters situates in the eastern part of the city that inhabited by 2 million persons and 160,000 refugees from South Sudan , and 200,000 displaced from other states of Sudan .
Regards to the security in the state, the governor said that according to the awareness of the local community, the state witnessed stability and security during the last 7 months , following the recent tribal conflict between Rezigat and Malyia tribes .He added that the former regime divided Darfur states and localities on tribal bases.