SAF and RSF Are Two Sides of the Same Coin, Says Chief of RSF Training Directorate

26 Feb 2021

The Chief of the RSF Training Directorate, Brig. Mohammed Ahmed Abbas affirmed their intension to train all the leadership participating in the system of the implementation of Juba Peace Agreement, adding that training included the high, medium and lower ranks starting from Brig. Till 1st Lt. in the Military Academy in Soba in collaboration with the General Intelligence Service.
He revealed  in an interview conducted with him by Al-Sayha daily cooperation with the UNAMID in training the officers who will protect the civilian following the UNAMID exit, considering that the joint troops which will replace the UNAMID include the SAF, RSF, Police and General Intelligence Service are assigned to protect the civilians and assist them besides respecting the international humanitarian law, along with recognizing the importance of children and respecting the traditions and norms, adding that the RSF are doing those assignments for years.
He emphasized the importance of the training, pointing out that they have a special training centre to qualify individuals in guarding the VIPs.
He said that last week they graduated the 5th batch of prisons’ guards, lauding the cooperation with other training centres in Khartoum State in terms of capacity-building and human resources, revealing coordination with other states.
Meanwhile, Abbas affirmed that there is close cooperation and coordination between the RSF and other regular forces according to one military principle, adding that there is continuous consultation to achieve the strategic national programmes, confirming that the RSF and SAF are two sides of the same coin.