1st VP of the Sovereign Council Affirms Full Support for Achieving economic and political stability in Sudan

23 Jun 2020

The general assembly of the commercial financing portfolio of providing the strategic commodities held its meeting on Tuesday in the presence of several ministers and officials.

The meeting approved the regulations of the portfolio after inserting some amendments on it by the members of the assembly.

The meeting also approved the board of directors  structure provided that the contributing sectors hand its nominations to the board of directors and the executive committee within a 48 hours period.

The concluding session  was addressed by the 1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council, Chairman of the Economic Emergency High Committee, 1st Lt. Gen.Mohammed Hamdan Daglo.

Daglo affirmed his full support to achieve the economic and political stability in the country during the transitional period.

He revealed pumping big amounts of foreign currency in the treasury of the Central Bank of Sudan in the upcoming two days, stressing their strict adherence not to be bias to any party or company but only for the sake of the nation,

“We swore-in not to support or take the side of any party” Daglo said.

He called on the businessmen to double their contributions in the portfolio to reach USD 10 billion instead of the current amount which is SDG1 billion

Daglo reiterated the government’s commitment to enforce the law in punishing the manipulators, hinting to the decline of the USD exchange rate in the coming stage and to the applying of strict measures to stop gold smuggling g, affirming that he has a list of those active in trading with USD, warning them against the continuation of damaging  the national economy.

He affirmed the government’s commitment in guaranteeing the protecting the funds of the contributors.

He lauded the role of the contributors in providing the strategic commodities.