We will Continue Protecting the Revolution, Says FVP

19 Feb 2021

First Vice President (FVP) of the Transitional Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo has witnessed today in Al-Gorair area in Merowe Locality of Northern State the inaguaration of Ismail Mohammed Abdallah as the Chieftain of Hawaweer tribe. 
FVP affirmed, while addressing the mass rally on the occasion, his support to the democratic transformation , adding that they want a real democracy and not just slogans, confirming their protection to the revolution as they did from the very beginning.
He called on all the Sudanese to untie and to abandon tribalism to bring our homeland out of its crisis.
He emphasized the importance of the rule of law and institutionalism, pointing out that the peace reached with the armed struggle movements will pave the way for sustainable peace especially after the joining of Abul Aziz Al-Hilu and Abdulwahid Mohammed Nour, adding that the armed movements which signed the peace pack have its weight and forces which will be received by flowers considering that they recognized the importance of peace.
FVP thanked the Sudanese people for their patience towards the hardships they are living nowadays, affirming that the only way out is to pay more attention to agriculture and expanding the foreign investments to utilized the potentials of Sudan to the maximum.
He lauded the great role of the local administrations through the history of Sudan in mending the social fabric, affirming that the government is considering the local administrations as one of the peace pillars in Sudan.
It is to be noted that the inauguration was attended by the security committee of Northern State, representative from the State’s government, leaders of Hassaniya and Shaigiya, the executive committee of the local administration and the Sultan of Darfur, Ahmed Hussein Ayoub Ali Dinar.