Brig. Ali Yagoub Lauds the Role of Deputy RSF Deputy Commander in Chief in the Signature of Cessation of Hostilities in West Darfur

19 Feb 2021

The Commander of Boosting Security Battalion in West Darfur State, Brig. Ali Yagoub Jibril commended the role of the RSF Deputy Commander in Chief, Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo and the central government delegation led by member of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Mohammed Al-Faki Suleiman in bringing an end to the conflict through the signature of cessation of hostilities agreement between the Arab tribes and Masaleet tribe in West Darfur State.
Brig. Ali Yagoub said in press statement that the efforts of Lt. Abdul  Rahim Dago who supervised the agreement led to the signature of the agreement after lengthy negotiations, affirming that the situations are stable due to the widespread of the RSF and other regular forces, pointing out that that there is no more sabotage of security violations.
Yagoub valued high the role of the joint forces (RSF, army, police and security) in protecting  the markets and public facilities.