Deputy RSF Commander Affirms Continuation of Relief Convoys to Al-Genaina Citizens

18 Feb 2021

Member of the Transitional Period Partners Council, Deputy Commander in Chief of the Rapid Support  Forces, Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo has launched today (Thursday) Peace and Decent Living Convoy organized by Al-Genaid Peace and Development Foundation heading  to Al-Genaina city in West Darfur.
The 30-trucks convoy is loaded with relief materials to support the citizens there following the recent incidents.
Daglo said, while addressing the launching ceremony that the convoy represents the kick-off for Al-Genaid Peace and Development Foundation, affirming that they will continue providing support, adding that they have a clear vision to bring an end to the war chapter.
He expressed optimism that the new government will bring the country out of its crises considering that the both military and civilian members in Council of Partners is working in harmony.
For his part, Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC)  Commissioner and member of the high committee of Al-Genians incidents, Izzeldin Al-Safi , said that according to their inspection  the Humanitarian situations in the city there are 108 thousand citizens affected from the incidents, adding that the convoy will cover 40 thousand  families including the IDPS and those affected by the incidents.
He expressed appreciation to Lt. Gen. Abdul  Rahim Daglo for his generous support by dispatching the convoy.