RSF in North Darfur Recover Stolen Vehicle

14 Feb 2021

Rapid Support Forces (RSF) - North Darfur Sector – managed on Friday evening to recover a stolen vehicle belonging to one of the citizens in the State.
RSF Deputy commander in North Darfur Sector, Lt. Col. Mubarak Mohammed Abu Zaid said in press statements that his forces managed to recover a vehicle stolen by a group  of three individuals impersonating the RSF, adding that the operation was led by Captain Abbas Kitir, affirming that the gang of 3 criminals were chased   till Kafout area in North/West El-Fashir city during which two managed to escape while the third was arrest and will be handed to the concerned authorities.
He pointed to the preparedness of the RSF in preserving the properties of the ciziens besides achieving peace and stability all over the State.
For his part the owner of the stolen vehicle expressed appreciation to the great efforts exerted by the RSF in recovering his vehicle.